The Enchanting Zhouzhuang in Kunshan City

3/20/2014 Young Tours Jiangsu 2096
Zhouzhuang is an old town in the southwest of Kunshan City nearby Shanghai. Those old buildings, rivers, stone bridges and boats make up the most beautiful picture. Zhouzhuang is a small town for nice hundreds of years, which is most famous for its typical Southern Chinese river-side scenery marked by bridges over flowing streams and elegant dwellings, and is an admirable place for relaxation and holiday-spending.

Its simple and honest folkway, idyllic scenery has made it become a typical Southern water town. It's recorded that over 10 stone bridges span over the water lanes, which do contribute positively to offer convenient passage for the locals. Zhouzhuang is pervaded by cultural landscape and full of charms of a watery town.

The well-known ancient spots deliver a great sense of history and rich local culture to Zhouzhuang. It has been witnessed by the world for thousands of years, and is full of green scene and beauty. Various humanity sight of Zhouzhuang reveals the beauties of mystery and movement that is incomparable in China or even in the world. All of the things are perfectly combined with the miraculous natural sight.

The simple and honorable folk custom character and style and the ancient cultural scenery inside story, claimed to be the paradise which the natural landscape and the cultural tradition add a new dimension to it. Such a tranquil scenery in a paradise of such a place is certainly fascinating and enchanting. Here you can keep far away from urban sound pollution, and live an imaginary land of easy and luxurious living. You could get a spacious view of the civilian residential buildings that are peaceful and natural, in addition, the environments are very picturesque and poetic, just like a real escape!

Zhouzhuang is the gem of Chinese culture that deserves the name. Being blessed with unsurpassed tourist resources, Zhouzhuang is of course in the good graces of more visitors and shoppers' coming. It has perfectly displayed a simple and unsophisticated sentiment of man and nature in harmonious coexistence. As entering into the 21 st century, Zhouzhuang would as always be vibrant to the people with an appealing, quaint look of elegance.

It has been stated that Zhouzhuang is like a poem simple, unsophisticated and emotional, and others say that Zhouzhuang is like a song, slim and graceful. keeping away from the characteristic noises of cities during the day, having a vision of the silence at night, you could see in the dim light of the moon or the stars on the boat, rest in the tranquil air where the only sound is made by the murmur of the stream.

Zhouzhuang is not only well-known for its stunning and tranquil scenery, but also famous for its cultural heritages. Many cultural relics including the Shen's House, Milou Tower, Quanfu Temple, etc. lying amongst natural scenery record Zhouzhuang's century old history and the abundance of a combination of natural and cultural cultures. It's considered to be the most well--known water countries of the Jiangnan.
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