The Dramatic Sight of Qingshan Lake in Zhejiang

5/26/2014 Young Sights Hangzhou 2589
The renowned Qingshan Lake, also known as "Jinxian Lake" or "Huijing Pool", is located in the western suburb of Qingshan Town, Hangzhou City. Qingshan Lake is one huge man-made body of water established in 1964, the water surface accounts for 10 square kilometer. There are plentiful of hotels and the village-like holiday inn around the lake.

Rolling green hills tower, thick forest and tall bamboos as well as plants and fruit trees around the lake and amaze the visitor with the ever-changing aspects of their beauty. Visitors could feast their eyes on the ever-changing scenery of rare beauty in all four seasons. The smooth surface of the lake reaches far beyond the horizon. There're flocks of egrets chasing after each other in the breeze, or watching their fair inverted reflection in water, or flapping slowly off across the lake, or standing on top of trees, like a spirit of art living leisurely on or above water.

The water of Qingshan Lake is sparklingly crystal clear so that one was able to catch sight of its gleaming pebble-paved bottom with lively fish and shrimp darting about. There're thousand acres of water forest that is not only rare in China, but is also unique throughout the world. With a prospect of unequalled beauty, Qingshan Lake remains one unbroken sheet of enchanting turquoise in its setting of the lush and verdant landscape, a single, translucent color -- yet one you cannot see through!

If one goes boating on the lake, one may suddenly realize how stunning scenery that induces a delightful languor is. And you would no doubt feel a completely new freshness and enjoy your staying here. Landscape of lakes and hills in deep elegant seclusion and rich cultural landscape should be enmeshed in an ever closer union organically, which surely add a touch of unbounded significance and charm to Qingshan Lake.

The huge dam backing up the lake is 58 meters long, 24.1 meters wide and its top width is 5.5 meters. The dam like rainbow penetrating into the clouds has transacted the lake. The scenery looked really impressive with the unbelievably clear lake, fed by the water of the nearby Tianmu Mountains. The scenery presents a exquisite natural beauty as beautiful as a painting.

The water of the lake, translucent and so dazzling like gold that they set the sky ablaze, prepares to enchant visitors with a stunningly beautiful vision. The creeping tide of light gained and gained, and now you could catch sight of the color of Qingshan Lake that shimmers among the mountains of brightest green.

Among the ranges of peaks that stretch for many miles you suddenly come upon charming and graceful scenery with abundant decorating, slumber on the western sky. The natural scenery including hills, waters and woods setting each other off, has gained a singular charm. Within the Lake District are abundant forests and sweet flowers or fruit. Moreover, Qingshan Lake also boasts its unique and perfect place for sailing a boat in the water forest.
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