Spring Outing at Mt. Wugong

3/29/2014 Yan Sights Pingxiang 1666
Mt. Wugong, one of the three renowned mountains in ancient times in South Central China, is a scenic area integrating the cultural and natural landscapes and also the last virgin mountain being developed in the regions south of the Yangtze River. Located in the southeast of Luxi County in Pingxiang City of Jiangxi Province, the mountain belongs to the northern part of the Luoxiao ranges and stretches 120 kilometers, covering an area of more than 260 square kilometers. The views of magnificent mountains and waterfalls, cloud seas, sunrise, stalagmite breaking through clouds, strange stones and pines, as well as well-preserved pristine forests and giant glossy ganoderma, takes visitors' breathes away.

The mountain has a long history. It has been considered a holy place since the journey of Ge Xuan and Ge Hong, two famous masters of Taoism. The altars were built in the period of the Dongwu Dynasty (229-280) and used as a place to offer sacrifices to gods or ancestors. They are very special in China because of their peculiar architectural style. Many refined scholars and poets, such as Xu Xiake and Liu Zhengqi, also went to Wugong mountain and wrote poems here. Liu Zhengqi, a poet from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), praised it after climbing it. Standing at the peak is like standing on top of five mountains.

The main peak, the White Crane Peak, is 1,918 meters above sea level and is the highest peak in Jiangxi Province. It was once a famous mountain in history, owning deep cultural deposits.

In the era of advocating nature and aspiring to return to nature, the mountain has demonstrated the unique charm with its miraculous natural landscapes and intact and original ecological environment. It is so famous that many people are attracted to climb it. On the top of White Crane Peak, the scenery is very picturesque, with a vast grassland that looks like waves.

Hiking from the bottom to the top takes at least three hours, unless you are an expert climber. The first sight on the mountain is clouds embracing the peak. Don't forget to take enough water because what is sold on the top of the mountain is very expensive. Green trees and grass grow everywhere along the path. Some of the paths are paved with pebbles. It's said that walking on the pebbles is good for your health.


I imagine numerous children and elderly people sometimes take off their shoes and walk on the pebbles.
On the mountainside, many boxes were hung on trees. At first, you may thought they were artificial nests for birds. Actually, they were for short-tail monkeys and this place was named "Monkey Valley." Red Rock Valley which is famous as a wild region with luxuriant aged trees is a most spectacular natural phenomenon and Yangshimu is well known as a fascinating scenic area. Four altars are scattered around the peak.

In the spring, the short-tailed monkeys forage for bamboo shoots on top of the mountain, which will exactly add more interest to your outing. So if you are thinking about a Spring outing, take Mt. Wugong into consideration, you’ll not be regretted.
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