Solitary Hills of West Lake

3/24/2014 Jenny Huang Tours Hangzhou 2415
China is a land of contradictions. It can surprise you in many ways. It is the third largest country in the world and has a history as old as five thousand years. This emerging superpower has a history so powerful and mesmerizing that tourists visiting this country fall in love with it. However, China is much more than the Forbidden City and Great Wall of China. There are places which are quite attractive yet not known much to the tourists. If you are visiting China and you need a change, you should visit the Solitary Hill.

The Solitary Hill is on the northwest corner of West Lake of Hangzhou. It is the only natural as well as biggest island located on that lake. It is thirty eight meters above sea level and covers an area of about more than fifty acres. Solitary hill is surrounded by water and is a lonely island on West Lake, thus getting its name. Due to its plum blossoms, it is also known as “plum blossoms island.” 


You can enjoy the beautiful view of West Lake from the Solitary Hill. Zhongshan Park located in the middle of the hill is a classic garden and a big theme park based on the famous West Lake Imperial Palace. The tomb of Qiu Jin who was a famous woman revolutionist is on the west side of the hill. The top of the hill has Xi Ling Seal Society, where the study of seals is done.

At Zheijang Library of West Lake branch, you can find large volume of books from all over the world. The water under the hill has a habitat for large variety of fishes and you can watch them from a wooden platform which is known as the ‘Platform for watching fish’.

People who enjoy food have a lot to experience here. You can taste some very good food at Lou Wai Lou. It is a very good restaurant in Hangzhou. Sizhao pavilion in the Xi Lang Seal Society offers tea named as Dragon well tea or Longjing tea and is one of the best green tea in the whole Asia.

This area also has the BambooPavilion and Cypress Hall. A good time to visit the Solitary Hills is during early Spring or in Sinters when you can enjoy the plum blossoms and other beautiful sights.

How to Get There

From the Hangzhou railway station, you can find a public local bus for Yuemiapo Bus stop. You can walk to solitary hills from that bus stop. You can also rent a car and reach the hill by driving on your own. If the group is of more than five people, renting a van or hiring a travel agency also seems like a good idea.

As opposed to all the other hills that surround the West Lake, Solitary Hill does have the lowest summit. It is the only natural island there, thus making it an attractive place for great scenic beauty. Being on the hill gives you the opportunity to admire the stunning landscapes around you. It being the lowest mountain in that area, you will experience huge mountains surrounding you. Splendid!

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