Sier Nature Reserve in Sichuan

1/19/2015 Young Sights Sichuan 1711

Si'er Nature Reserve is located within the territory of two villages of Tibetan nationality named Si'er village and Huya village in Pingwu County of Sichuan province. This natural protection area is mainly engaging on protecting the rare wild animals like the giant panda as well as ecological environment. Si'er Nature Reserve in Sichuan is the haunt of the giant panda that has become an endangered species.


Tourists now come to the reserve in droves to see the giant panda. It is now extremely unusual for anyone to catch a glimpse of the habitually shy giant panda in its natural habitat. The place is the habitat of the giant panda. In this region, the remaining giant pandas live often solitary lives, scattered across this vast, mountainous and tree covered area.

The highest altitude of the reserve is about 4828 meters above sea level while the lowest altitude is about 1600 meters. Its complex and varied terrains and landforms as well as the unique type of ecological system gave rise to Si'er Nature Reserve's unique beauty. The reserve with agreeable weather and four distinct seasons fits for the growth of all kinds of vegetation.


There're huge areas of the primeval forest ecological system within the scenic spot. Many natural conditions like the vast territory, complex geography and landform, special geographical conditions and various climates give the reserve rich wild animal and plant resources.

Over 50 species of wildlife under first class protection and wildlife under second class protection including giant pandas, golden monkeys, takins, clouded leopard and golden pheasant with red belly roam the dense forests of Si'er Nature Reserve, along with many other species of animals and birds. There're 30 kinds of national-level rare and endangered species of flora and fauna listed as key protection species like Davidia involucrata, ginkgo, yew, gastralgia tuber and many more.


Si'er Nature Reserve is one of the most typical biodiversity regions in the country. It is an important natural gene pool for the biodiversity, animals and plants of the country. Si'er Nature Reserve with the richest bio-diversity and unique natural scenery is an admirable place to get to for the wild animals and plants research and ecological tourism.


Si'er Nature Reserve with the abundant biological resources and natural landscape is suitable for developing ecological tourism, like the thick forest, wild animals, 5 waterfalls with the altitude of about 50 meters, peaks and 8 pieces of grassland with the area of 100 hectares. Si'er Nature Reserve has become a famous beauty spot for its profound history and culture, various and colorful folk customs and festivals.


The reserve with the unique folk culture could be experienced by the tourists. Folk architecture is mainly the rock wall and the slate house. Religion is mostly the Tibetan Buddhism that stands high in Tibetan culture, as well as the special Ghost Festival and dancing yak. The food with distinctive national and folk features is pig's stomach meat, mutton and butter tea etc.      

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