Sichuan Recipe - Pickled Chilli Fish

11/6/2013 Jennies Food China 3222
When you are eating out in China, you will be so surprised to learn that Chinese people are so into that kind of spicy food with red hot pepper or chili, especially the people from the northern China. With a sight of that red soup filled with chills, which might scare you away to begin with. While after having a feast on it, there’s no doubt that you will be having a crush on its astonishing after taste.

Eating out

You might have made your acquaintance of Suancai yu, the spicy sour fish when you eat out with your Chinese friends at Sichuan cuisine restaurant. It’s something you will feel obsessed in no time in light of the fact that it’s charming in color, fascinating in smell and exciting in taste. If you are still deeply addicted to that taste, why not have a try on the homemade spicy Chinese food, Suancaiyu, which not only helps experience the joy of “DO IT YOURSELF”, but also get closer to the culture of Chinese food. Well, are you ready, here we go!

Homemade style

To begin with, we need to prepare the ingredients and set them aside. There will be a big fresh fish, a bag of pickled Chinese cabbage, an egg, fresh chili, scallion parts, garlic pieces, ginger pieces, pepper, dried chili, starch and cooking rice wine. As we can see, the ingredient is colorful and challenging. Then we need to make fresh fillet. By washing it, scaling, cleaning and peeling the fish carefully, it takes time to separate the fresh and bone, even to take out the bone inside the fresh and cut them into thin piece, just like the nice snowflake. And don't forget to take care of the fish head and tail, cut the head into half and part the tail into pieces, put all of them into a bowl, add a little starch, and there is a recipe to make the flesh more flexible, that’s it, the egg white will be the key to fresh the taste, just one drop, you will see the magical difference.

Later it's time for us to make the smell of the dish, heat the pot with oil, cook the ginger pieces, scallion parts, fresh chili, and dried chili together with pickles of Chinese cabbage. Until the house is full of the interesting smell, hot and sour as well. The next step we will add water to make soup, along with the fish head and tail we made before, and time to put salt. After boiling it within 10 minutes, adds cooking rice wine and pepper to make it smell stronger. The last step is to put into the flesh to cook just 2 minutes. It is enjoyable to watch the snowflake dancing around. Remember not to cook too long to spoil the tenderness. It couldn’t be better if we also add some green onion parts. It will be looking up without saying.

Can't wait to try it on? Taste the tenderness of the fish with its spicy, sour and fresh taste! 
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