Scenic Xianpu Cave of Zhejiang

10/9/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 1669
The mouth of Xianpu Cave is 705 meters above sea level, which is at the top underground river karst cave in the large water-eroded caves in the Jinhuabei Mountain. There's the cave, spring, waterfall and pool in the cave. The cave with the prodigious workmanship and matchless wonder is the rare scenic spot and natural classroom to undertake the expedition and traveling as well as the geologic science education.

The legend says that the cave was the place where Wong Tai Sin in ancient times leaded secretly the villagers around the Lutian district to keep away from the world and the war. The broad cave was large enough to receive all the masses within reach. It's such one snuggest hole in this scenic spot that one is hard to get. There're outbursts of under waterfall inside the cave, which is the unparalleled wonderful landscape both in ancient and modern times.

Among which two stalactites and stalagmites in the cave superficially resembled one dragon and one tiger. Consequently, folk people called the cave as Longhu Cave. And two sky-kissing stone columns were really magnificent. Xianpu Cave is the large-scale underground karst cave in the collapsing and dissolution type. Its limestones are widely distributed from 520 to 750 meters above sea-level. Under the action of underground water solution, it had formed 3 rooms, 5 halls and 1 pool, with a total floor area of over 2,800 square meters.

Here visitors could enjoy the deposited lime-flowers because of the condensed water in the multilayer underground river system, deep etched corridor in the underground river, the waterfall with the altitude of about 73 meters and the deep pool with the flowing area of 600 square meters. Among the large and medium karst caves opening to the outside world all over the country had very particular and fascinating charm.

There's one small stage at the top of the last staircase. In my viewing the bottom of the cave from that stage where I stood, you could feel the illusion of entering into the bottomless cave, as if it were a fairyland on earth. Xianpu Cave is not one separate scenic spot, which was associated with Shuanglong Cave, Binghu Cave, Chaozhen Cave and Lutian reservoir.

Located on the east of Chaozhen Cave, the newly discovered waterfall with the fall of 73 meters in the cave at the mountainous valley that was over 200 meters away from Wong Tai Sin ancestor palace could be ranked as the karst cave waterfall with the biggest fall in the world. If you want to go on an excursion to Xianpu Cave, then you could view the beautiful and distinguished scenery in all four seasons like spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Only when one was present on the spot himself will he see and appreciate the beauty of the picturesque mountains and rivers. If you took the excursion to Xianpu Cave during the summer, it might be a good idea to live up in the mountains with a good quality environment. 
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