Permanent Site of Boao – Home For Non-Government & Non-Profit Organizations

10/7/2014 Seven Sights Haikou 4146
Boao is a small city lies in the east of Hainan. Previously merely a fishing village, it has appeared in public eyes since it was designated as the permanent site of the Boao Forum for Asia, which is a part of the China's chief non-governmental and non-profit organizations. The Permanent Site is situated on Dongyu Isle close to the entrance of Wanquan River to the South China Sea.

The permanent site of Boao forum has quite attractive contemporary buildings, an astuteness conference system, a stimulating golf course, beautiful scenery and inspiring legends. As the permanent site of Boao Forum for Asia, radical leaders, commercial and industrial giants, professionals and researchers from all Asian republics, meet together to research the expansion of  the Asian economy annual. More than 260 front-runners from all over the world have visited the Boao, joining the BFA Annual Conference each year.

Boao Forum for Asia (BFA) is the most significant and best forum for business leaders, dignitaries and scholars in Asia and other continents to share their ideas on different subjects in this vibrant area. The Forum is dedicated to encouraging regional economic assimilation and getting Asian countries together to develop faster, healthier and better. 

Bo’ao vacation industry is made up of human landscapes and attractive scenery. The chief fascinations here are Xisha Aquarium of Boao, Jade Belt Beach, BFA Permanent Venue, Dongyu Island Hot Spring of Boao, Wanquan River, etc. The Water Town of Boa has developed into not only a main visitor destination, but also the usual Chinese site for the International Convention Organization Headquarter in Asia. Boao Forum Site also has a winding and attractive beach. The place is 19 kilometers away from Town of Jiaji. The location is the best place to enlighten about the culture of Boao. International Conference Center covers an entire area of 37,000 square meters and contains of three layers. The conference center with an area of 2,592 square meters and a passenger capacity of about 2,000 people is in the second layer.

Started in 1998 by Bob Hawke, previous Prime Minister of Australia, Fidel V. Ramos, past President of the Philippines, and Morihiro Hosokawa, previous Prime Minister of Japan, the Boao Forum for Asia was officially established in February, 2001. After that, the world has heeded assiduously to the opinion coming from this small, silent and picturesque island in the southernmost region of China.
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