Northern Peak Mountain – The Finest Vantage Point

9/30/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 4840
The Twin Peaks, situated to the northwest and southwest part of the West Lake, are well-known peaks of Hangzhou and have been the topic of numerous old-style scenery paintings. Neither of the peaks is much high – the Northern Peak has a height of 256 meters, whereas the Southern Peak extends to about 355 meters. The distance separating these two peaks is just about 5 kilometers or roughly 3.1 miles. The 256 meter high Northern Peak is located behind the well-known Lingyin Temple. It is the highest point in the city and is regarded as the finest vantage point from where you can view the West Lake. 

Some of the attractive features

At the top of the North Peak Mountain, in Hangzhou district, is located the 1,600 year ancient Lingshun Temple which is popularly known as the Temple of Wealth. This famous temple sees a continuous stream of travelers set alight incense and pray for augmented fortunes.
The Number One Temple of Mammon

When you want to stretch your legs, there is no better method to do it than head up to the North Peak Mountain, with its altitude of 300 meters. In addition to the serenity along the way, the daylight shining over the high trees, and the birds tweeting away, you have a delicacy once getting to the top. The temple goes back to the Song Reign believed to be ruled in 960-1279, and was reflected as “the Number one Temple of Mammon”. 

Typical Chinese style construction

The construction of the temple is typically Chinese, with one gallery on three sides and an enormous entrance on the fourth, all encircling a region enclosed in an ocean of green. The northern peak mountain is reachable by a cable car in 7 minutes or through a 20-kilometer long path. Providing you pick out a perfect day, you will get overwhelming sights through the city from the watching platform. A cafe at the peak of the mountain provides tourists the chance to relish some tea while captivated by the landscape outside.

Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud

Ascending uphill to the northern peak mountain, you will overhear crisscross streams whispering and see the assortment of the beautiful emerald hills. In addition to the Lingshun temple, there are the Peach Blossom Hill, the Flying Phoenix Pavilion, the Fan Hill and the Beauty’s Peak which are entirely worth going to see. This mountain is considered as the best place to catch a view of the West Lake. The Northern Peak and the Southern Peak together are said to create the remarkable act of “Twin Peaks Piercing the Cloud”. One of the finest viewing locations for the twin peaks can be the Hongchun Bridge, located on the western shore of the West Lake.
How to reach

There is no admission fee for visiting the northern peak mountain and it is accessible to visitors all day. You can take the bus route from Lingyin to reach the mountains. The cable car takes about 40 RMB for round trip to the Lingshun temple and its entrance fees is 10 RMB.
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