Mount Jiufeng of Inner Mongolia

7/31/2014 Young Sights Inner Mongolia 2119
The panorama image of Jiufeng Mountain, Baotou City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has its verdant hills and its thick vegetation, and is quite extraordinarily beautiful great tourist attraction that is quite worthy of a visit in Baotou City. Jiufeng Mountain presides on the north of the Tumochuan plain. From that peak in Baotou, you could look out on a broad panorama of Yellow River mingled feelings of awe and exultation.

The place is choked with precipitous cliffs, grand waterfalls and thick forest. A leisurely walk down this mountain path will reward the visitors all over the world with solitude and spectacular scenery. In recent years, the local government in Baotou City adopt a variety of measures and focused on creating the scenic and historic area of Jiufeng Mountain, which had made the previously little-known scenic area hidden deep in the mountains a few years before, now become an admirable place for leisure and tourism for the visitors from urban peripheral area.

Numerous people prefer to spend their holidays by traveling in various domestic tourist resorts. More and more urban residents have been spending their weekends in suburban or nearby scenic spots. Jiufeng Mountain got its name because there were nine great peaks standing up against the sky that was mounting up according to priority. Daqing Mountain is the most conspicuous tourist resort that is a place to which people travel for recreation.

From its summit with the altitude of 2,338 meters crowned as the small Mount Tai, nothing met but the clouds wafting in the air. Within the scenic beauty of picturesque scenery and ridge after ridge of mountains, a clearance from the mountain watershed the place before flowing north cliff towering cliffs. In the scenic area mountains rise steeply and rivers crisscross.

The thin gurgling stream is in a never-ending flowing at all seasons. Jiufeng Mountain is one charming and peaceful bucolic refuge outside a great bustling city. Such a perfectly beautiful scene in a paradise of a place is surely fascinating and enchanting. From the standpoint of the attitude of the curvaceous peaks, it also reveals the dignity of Jiufeng Mountain.

From the perspective of the lush green cypresses, you can imagine the extensive and vigorous primitive forest. In view of towering cliffs, seasonal waterfalls and peculiar Shi Lake, one might anticipate that Jiufeng Mountain used to have the immense body of water.

From a great height, you could have a broad and open view of all the charming scenes from there. The highest peaks in Jiufeng Mountain, command a view on a clear day of the scenery all around, yet the scenery seemed grey after looking at it for a long time.

While the imperforate scenery formed by relatively locked environment in Jiufeng Mountain could afford a view of every detail of the landscape, which is a feast for the eyes. People who had ever come here cannot but feel themselves in a state of delicious wonder and see no end to the landscape. This is just the fantastic thing about Jiufeng Mountain.
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