Miaoziang Mountain Ski with International Standards

9/30/2014 Meixuan Sights Changchun 2031

Miaoziang Mountain ski is situated in the city of Changchun in the Erdao District. It is thirty eight kilometers far from the urban area of Changchun. This spot is almost twenty kilometers far from the Changchun Longjia Airport. The area covered amounts to about six square kilometers. It is well known as its nearest ski resort far from downtown and for containing one “freestyle aerial” venue as well as “U-groove Snowboarding” which is in fact constructing maintaining all the international standards. The snowboarding spot is biggest one in the whole of China. It was designed by famous skiing league of Sweden. In the venue of “freestyle aerials”, there was successful execution of International Ski Federation World Cup Freestyle Skiing Games in the year 2004 – ’05 conducted by International Ski Federation.

Miaoziang Mountain ski resort actually opens 6 initial, senior and middle tracks in order to meet the requirements of travelers from different parts of the world and at various levels. These skies are running nearly a length of three thousand six hundred meters in total as well as crisscross, permitting the visitors to gallop between the mountains. Specifically, this beautiful tourist destination is situated in the Qingshan village in Sijia Town of Erdao district.

Travel Tips

The ticket price to Miaoziang Mounain Ski is only eight RMB. The spot is open to public from Monday to Friday. The price of ticket permits a person to spend time for 3 hours. In case if people wishes to spend a day, the ticket price is one hundred and twenty RMB. On every Sunday and Saturday, there is considerable increase in the rates. The spot is normally open to public from middle of month November to middle of March.

In case you are driving yourself, it is best to start from the Dongfang Square. You may drive along the Changchun-Jilin speedway in southern side to reach the Qingshan Village in Sijia Town. From there, you may move as per road signs to reach the right spot - Miaoziang Mounain ski. Many Tourist Buses are available regularly. In the skiing period, all the buses will be departing from the Nanling Stadium located in urban area at nearly 8:30 am. They will return to urban area of Changchun city from Lianhua Mountain Ski Resort at 3 pm.

Must see tourist attractions

Changchun is a must see city with a lot of tourist attractions. It is in fact capital city of Jilin province in Northeast China. As Changchun is largest city in China in terms of automotive industry, it is well praised as the "Oriental Detroit". The huge population of city is another noted feature. The mean yearly temperature is just 4.8 degree Celsius. The most excellent seasons to travel to this city are autumn, spring and summer. There are ten divisions in the city. The main places that one must never miss here are Changchun Sculpture Park, Jingyuetan National Forest Park, and Lotus Mountain Ski Resort.

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