Lanxi Long Underground River

9/25/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 2384
Lanxi Long Underground River is referred to as the top of the cave cruising in the country that makes the feature of beautiful mountains, clear waters, fantastic caves and secluded temples, with the overall length of 2,500 meters. Inside the cave are various life-like masterpieces of nature that are scattered like stars in the sky.

There's one long underground river with the total length of over thousands of kilometers with the constant flow of water all the year around, the water was clear to the bottom, visitors could not only take a boat to enjoy scenery but also enjoy a walk along the riverbank.

People are saying that the place has two obvious features including the scenery as a unique in South China and the emotions as a masterpiece throughout the ages. The scenic spot is composed of long underground river, Qixia garden and Qizhen temple. The long underground river reputed as the uniqueness in the whole country with the whole travelling length of 2,500 meters, and the area of over 25,000 square meters.

It is divided into three sections including Yongxue cave, Time warp and Yulu cave. The underground river is the example of different cave development stages in many shapes and sizes. There's one underground river with the overall length of over thousands of meters throughout the Yongxue cave. Its source has not yet been ascertained. The cave stays at an even temperature of about 18 degrees all year round, cool in summer and warm in winter.

Journeying in the region by boat, one would feel as though he had entered a fabled world. The tall and spacious Yulu cave had the exquisite stalagmites, stalactites and curtains of their infinite varieties and beauties, glistening and gorgeous. The picturesque rocks of Time warp that are within our reach are of extremely high ornamental and scientific value.

The beautiful Liudongshan Scenic Spot is located in the Dongyuan village where is seen as a birth place of creative minds and gifted talents, nearing the hill and beside the water. Yongxue cave condenses all essences of the caves under the heaven and makes the feature of the long river accompanied by the cave and travelling the water and land simultaneously.

There is a river in the cave; the cave above the river. Because of its picturesque rocks and caves nearby, it has earned the reputation of being a unique in China. The writers and celebrities, poets and literary men in different dynasties came here for rest and recreation and left the numerous remaining in poets.

A visit to Yulu cave will certainly not only give sightseers the precious opportunity to enjoy the strange scenes of great antiquity at the beginning of separating heaven from earth that is contained by the Fairyland of Yulu cave, but also appreciate the incomparable splendor of landscape and graceful presence that is displayed by the myth statues gifted by nature in the distant past. Lanxi Long Underground River is a sparkling pearl of the attractive golden travel line in Midwestern Zhejiang Province.
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