Hupao Spring (Tiger Spring) – Third Most Excellent Spring in Hangzhou China

9/30/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 4225

The Hupao Spring is a very famous spring in China. It is recognized as the third most excellent spring in China because of the best quality water that has been proved and tested scientifically. There are 2 other famous good quality water springs, namely Jinshan Spring located in Zhejiang district and Hui Spring situated in Wuxi. To all the visitors in Hangzhou, it is a notable must see spot. Hupao Spring waterscape is also called Running Tiger Spring. It is a very attractive place in terms of unique quality of water as well as natural beauty. Because of these two reasons, the well-known poets in China in old and modern period have written several poems in which they praise the Tiger Spring.

The name is related to the legend

Hupao Spring’s alternative name is in fact taken from legend – a story which tells a dream related to two tigers that ran to a desert area close by and dug one hole that later caused the formation of spring. The Hupao spring water is also known across the globe as one of the two wonders of West Lake. The water of Tiger spring is well known among the local people and also across the globe. As one walk to be at main spring, it is possible to see many local people who take spring water home in large containers from various spring outlets. The tiger spring water is also considered to be a perfect combination with Longjing Tea leaves which is a great specialty of Hangzhou. It was even endorsed by Qing dynasty Emperor Qianlong! There are a few tea houses where one can try the popular combination of Tiger spring water and Longjing Tea.

Relaxation and soothing nerves

The travelers visiting this spot can find various things to do here. It appears as a very simple attractive region. But, it provides many activities that give relaxation and soothing to nerves. A lot of people even the natives come here to enjoy the natural beauty, listen to spring water's quaint sound, touch as well as taste the water, and to linger by tiger spring. There is one distinct fountain that is popular for making the best Longjing tea. Near the spring, there is a temple with great historical significance. It was built during the period of Tang dynasty.

As per the scientific research, the formation of Tiger spring was because of an underground water stream which seeps through quartz sandstone cracks. This in fact offers the spring water a very distinct composition. Even though the spring water is having a very low mineral content, it is having more radon level. This gives it’s a sweet, cold and pure taste. It is good for health too.

Travel tips

The Hupao Spring is situated exactly at the foot of Daci Hill also known as Great Compassion. This spot is nearly five kilometers far from the downtown Hangzhou. Daci hill does stretch between the West Lake and Qiantang River. One may take bus number K4 or K504, or tourism bus with number 5 in order to get to Tiger Spring. The price of the ticket is just fifteen Chinese Yuan. The opening hours are from 6 am to 6.30 pm.

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