Humble Administrator‘s Garden Travel Guide

10/15/2013 lyla Tips Suzhou 4711
Humble Administrator's Garden is situated at No 178,Loumen Northeast Street,Suzhou.Covering an area of 60 acres, first built in the early fifteenth century,it is the representative of southern classical gardens.

The poet Pan Yue in Jin dynasty had written "garden irrigation vend vegetables for overnight feeding, is also humble person of the government" which is the name of Humble Administrator's Garden come from.

After several centuries,mostly for the existing building is constructed during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom,but it inherits the style of the Ming and Qing.It is known as “China's best private gardens”

The food:
The Suzhou Food Street are mainly distributed in two areas:the Panmen area and the Guanqian Street.The great place in Guanqian street are “taijiannong”and “bifengfang” and in Panmen area are:”shiquan street”and”fenghuang street”.Between the two area there are “xueshi street”,”ganjiang street”and”jinmen food street”.

There are many famous snack bar and century-old traditional restaurant,such as Lu Changxing, Huang Tianyuan, Caizhizhai, Willow ravioli, Song Helou, Zhu Hongxing so on.

These are the famous suzhou dishes you should not miss: squirrel mandarin fish, ring oil eel paste, BI Luo shrimp, pickled bamboo shoots, fresh watermelon chicken, fried three shrimp, caldwelli lung soup, crabs, female chicken, herring dumped water and so on.

The recommend snack:Honey tofu, pine nuts sugar, rose seeds, shrimp sauce, Zaoni Ma Bing, lard cakes and so on.

Humble Administrator's Garden is only one street away from the Guanqian Street,you can go to buy some Suzhou specialty like Huang Tianyuan Gaotuan, Caizhizhai dumplings sugar, Jinjin tofu, generous cake, Zaoni Ma Bing, sesame cakes after one day tour.

The Main recommendations of entertainment in Suzhou is Suzhou Park and Suzhou Taihu Pearl Park.Suzhou park is called "Oriental Disney". Taihu Pearl Paradise is the tourist resort combine entertainment, leisure, tourism, travel and vacation together.

Low season: 50 yuan (31 October-15 April )
Peak season: 70 yuan (16 April - 30 October)

Address: No. 178; Northeast Street;Suzhou City.



Opening Time:7:30 am-17:30 pm

Humble Administrator's Garden Travel Guide

Humble Administrator's Garden Travel Guide

Humble Administrator's Garden Travel Guide

Humble Administrator's Garden Travel Guide

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