Huaqing Palace Heritage Site in Xian

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If you are very interested in the history of China, especially about how the emperors lived their lives, come to Xian. As the ancient capital of six dynasties in ancient China, this is the perfect place to explore the history of China. Huaqing Chi, also known as the Huaqing Pools or also known as Huaqing Palace. 


As the treasure land in ancient times, it has enjoyed a very high prestige for thousand years. Emperors from different dynasties all took Huaqing palace as their leisure place, they spared no effort to build spectacular palace or hot spring place here. According to the ancient literature and some evidence from archaeologists, Huaqing palace has a history of 6000 years on hot spring and 3,000 years on royal palace construction.


Huaqing Palace make the best of the landscape during the construction, with hot spring palace as its center, plus pines trees forests and pavilions with different uses, Lichi garden, Pear garden, Eastern garden and others, forming a most spectacular palace construction group in ancient China. Many famous ancient Chinese poets also mentioned the beauty of Huaqing palace in their poems. In winter, they would use the circulation of hot spring water inside the wall to keep warm, when it snowed the snowflakes would turn into frost once it fell onto the wall, therefor it’s also called the Flying Frost Palace.


On the front gate of Huaqing Palace, there is a plank board with its name, written by a famous Chinese poet called Guo Moruo. Stepping inside, two tall pine trees come into the sight, with two palace-like buildings sitting on both sides. On its back there is Nine Dragon Lake.The water is smooth and clear, with the shadows from the pavilion on the shore, looking all beautiful and peaceful.


One of the highlights of Huaqing Palace is the bathing pools, each of them are carefully designed for different uses. Lotus Pool is for an emperor called Xuanzong in Tang dynasty, covering an area of 400 square meters. At the bottom, there is a pair of 30cm long water inlet with the shape of lotus, symbolizing the love of the emperor and his concubine. How romantic is that! Firstly built in 747 A.D, Begonia Pool is also called High-ranking concubine pool, with the shape of a begonia flower in full blossom . It was built for the favorite concubine of the emperor called Yang Guifei.


If you think the Pear Garden is a garden full of pear trees, you are way wrong. As a matter of fact,  Pear Garden(Li yuan) is a traditional Chinese opera house. It is also the first imperial music and art school in ancient China. At the best times of Tang Dynasty, emperor Xuanzong loved to watching operas and imperial dancing here. He was also good at music, together with Yang Guifei, they created a ton of nice songs.

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