Hefang Street in Hangzhou – Still Pulsating With the Old Glory

9/29/2014 Meixuan Sights Hangzhou 4839

Very close to the proximity of West Lake, few hundred meters away lay the beautiful ancient street - Hefang Street. Part of the street is known as Qinghefang Ancient Street which is located at the north side valley of Wu Shan Hill in Hangzhou of Zhejiang Province in the People's Republic of China. Hefang Street is also known as Qinghe Fang Historic Street is one of the ancient and historic streets in Hangzhou. This street is being well maintained by the Hangzhou authorities. Traditional diversity and commercial activity make this street one of the busiest street in Hangzhou.

From the days of South Song Dynasty

The interminable history of Hefang Street rolls back to South Song Dynasty. During South Song Dynasty the capital was Hangzhou. The present Middle Road of Zhongshan Avenue was previously known as nine mile imperial town and ten mile imperial street where built on those times. Gradually both side of the road become the settlement area of dignitaries and celebrities. The first Emperor of South Song Dynasty, Emperor Gaozong was lived in the Eshou Palace which was located in the east side of the avenue. On the imperial street, which was previously called as Taiping Lane, was located the mansion of Zhang Jun. He was the King of Qinghe and hence the name of the site was called as Kinghe Fang. The historic war in 1229 and defeat of Jin in Ningho by Emperor Zhang Jun recorded as the Gaoaqio Great Victory and the title of King Qinghe was conferred to Zhang Jun. This is from where the history of Hefang Street takes into shape.

Always busy street

Hefang Street is predominantly changed a lot from the traditional old Hefang Street and that changes could be an inevitable one. Whatever concentrated efforts are applied to maintain the traditional identity, there will be an element of modern scripts will creep in to it. As a result, along with the traditional stores, you can see the modern generic stores like Adidas and McDonald and other international brand outlets in the street. The Hefang Old Street show cases various traditional Chinese crafts. The traditional sugar candy, something special made by using traditional techniques, handmade dough figurines and paper cuttings are some of the old specialties you can see in the old street. You will be really surprised to see local roasted walnuts and "dragon-whisker" candy. The street is always full of busy activities. Whereever you are turned, everywhere is filled up with hawkers, caricature artists, story tellers, bonsai shops, tea houses, candy sculptors, old fashioned movie players, pillow shops and many more.

Enjoy the traditional delicacies

Another appealing attraction of Hefang Street is the availability of delicious snacks being served from time honored old stores which looks similar in old style and fashion. The snack food outlets are located at the end of the road and rates are damn cheap. It is one of the busiest street as you can see lots of youngsters moving around and enjoying the delicacies. This area is one of the hottest attractive points because of the live atmosphere. When you taste the local food that is the point how a tourist can feel the touch of the soul of that country.

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