Fuchun River as Beautiful as a Painting

4/14/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 2066
The Fuchun River is a river that flows from central Zhejiang Province. It is a river 110 kilometers long. The beautiful and picturesque Fuchun River above the Qiantang River could stretch itself through the green and luxuriant hills and is believed to resemble a clear jade ribbon. It's the river that joins the West Lake in Hangzhou and Mount Huangshan in Anhui Province.

The Fuchun River offers all the beautiful scenery, while nestling in a landscape of unspoilt natural beauty and marvelous mountain splendor. Mountain caves and the trickling waters slowly flowing over the small rocks complete a panorama most agreeable to the romantic temperament. Visitors could peep out from amidst groves of lush green trees in the river. It is really a feast for the eye!

The hills along both sides of the Fuchun River rode up and down and away to the far off mountains. The view of the Fuchun River is delightful in all four seasons. I do not know whether it owns to the tenderness of early reputation since ancient times, but this portion of Fuchun River appears to many persons the most delectable.

Here you could go through lovely streams on both banks of the river, with great mountains, some of them beautiful and green and wooded, others bare and wild. The trip of Fuchun River is without doubt inclining you to linger on among the hills and streams with no thought of leaving, and make you feel completely relaxed and pleasant. There are a number of famous historical spots that sprinkled between the beautiful hills and waters.

The great painter Huang Gongwang, who is one excellent painter of mountains and water scenes, is said to be good at synchronizing poems and paintings, while the poem monk Qing Gong mainly wrote about reclusion and landscape, among which the "Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain" is the most well-known one. All of the visitors without leave went nearby and viewed and enjoyed the famous Fuchun River and the enchanting sights of its surroundings.

The most striking feature of the river is its lofty hills, limpid stream, long history and tranquil environment, and enjoyed the honor of "The Little Three Gorgers" since ancient times. In the renowned gorge, lots of precipitous hills are situated on both banks, the dark luster of very deep water is quite narrow, and the river course has lots of blends.

The Little Three Gorges along the Fuchun River is generally known far and near for its fantastic mountain and water under heaven and invited throngs upon throngs of visitors at home and abroad. Many men of literature and writings throughout the ages not only visited the stunning gorge but also left over 2,000 poems that will be handed on from age to age. The rarely beautiful landscape scenery with beautiful colors unparalleled and the magnificent of great historic interest complement and set each other off, as of a gorgeous landscape scroll. The endless green wooded mountains and the calm surface of the lake forms a magnificent picture.
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