Famous Tourist Spots in Northeast China

12/4/2013 kenziLiang Sights Jilin 2384
For those people who don’t have plenty time to get rid of the work, if would be a good choice to travel to a place with various famous or beautiful spots. Here are some places to go.

Lvshun naval port--the open naval vital area

LVshun naval port is located in the southwest part of Liaodong Peninsular and called as marvels in the world. Lvshunkou is one of the famous spots in Dalian with plenty mountains and silent scenery, after PRC founded, this naval port has become an important base of People's Liberation Army Navy, having been near to the train station, tourists can appreciate the dignified army navy. In the east part pf the port, there are many museums opened to the public, such as the historical museum of Japan-Russia battle, people who are interested in the history will come and look around.

Xinhai Square--the largest square in Asia

Xinhai Square is located in Dalian and built in order to remember the coming back of Hong Kong, now, it has become the leisure place to enjoy themselves of the local citizens, even many young new couples come to here to take the married photos. In a word, this largest square in Asia has become the landmark of Dalian, attracting foreigners gathering here. Having been taken a reference of Beijing Temple, the square center was made by 999 pieces of red marbles, glass in two sides like sea, and they are the giant music fountains around the square.

Changbai Shan--abundant nature resources

There are many names of Changbai Shan, it seams that it is the mountain of heaven, large and miracle, if you reach here, you will not marvels for the beautiful names. If your time is limit and want to appreciate the richest part of Changbai Shan, you can travel from north slope, which is most closely to second anus Baihe--the scenery that has been developed most, the main peak, fountain, valley bottom forest are all formed in the north slope. it is snowy in winter and summer, therefore, for those who come to spend the summer can experience a different time from the city. Especially in Jingbo Hu, where the temperature is several degrees lower than other cities, take a even better advantage to spend the summar, the pure ice in the forest mouth can make you feel cooloer as long as you see it.

Head south toward Changbai Shan, where ruddy, weathered faces and Korean characters reveal just how close to the border, the Dongsheng Forest here is where one can set off fireworks and party under the stars with a blazing bonfire to keep the night alive. The snowy trail is steep at times with horse-drawn sleighs occasionally, the tree line gives way to a panoramic peak, too.
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