Famous Historical Cities of China

3/19/2014 Jenny Huang Sights China 2084
All cities across the world will have a history. There are many historic sites in China that has attracted millions of tourists from different parts of the world. Certain cities are especially influential by the history of China. The big and small old capitals of states in Chins, Yan’an, and more are few examples. There are even places that are having big historical interest along with lot of ruins, but those are having the regional significance only.

There are mainly 7 old capitals in China, among which four are having greater influence. The below given are cities rich cultural identities in the land of China. These cities are having large population more than seven million. The big cities of China are also known by the name – factory of world. But, all of these cities are in fact are factory cities.


This is one of the main capitals of very old China where several dynasties were seated commencing from eastern part of Zhou to the later portion of Tang. The proof for the regal past consists of ancient town district, Longmen grottoes, Luoyang museum, and carriage museum in eastern Zhou, white horse temple and more. It is a prefecture level capital in central part of China. It is a cradle for great Chinese civilization.

The origin of the name Luoyang is from its location north to Luo River. The major portion of Luoyang is considered sacred since the Neolithic period. For many centuries, this place was one focal point of land of China.

White horse temple is Buddhist temple founded in AD 68. Longmen grottoes are listed in the world heritage sites of UNESCO. A temple series, Guanlin in Luoyang was built in respect for a great hero Guan Yu. There is Gaocheng Astronomical observatory constructed during period of Yuan dynasty.


It is undoubtedly a great city famous for its history and is more than thousand years old. There are several historic sites that are truly world class. The main attractive sites are the temple of heaven, Mao’s memorial hall, summer palace, Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, Great Wall of China, Hutong neighborhoods, Ming tombs, and more. Beijing is the cultural center, educational and cultural center of China.

The history of this city does date back nearly three millennia. For the last eight centuries, Beijing is China’s political center too. It is renowned for the palaces, gates, tombs, temples, walls, and gardens. The scenic areas are Jingshan, Beihai, Zhongshan, and more.

Art of Gardening  

Beihai Park is an old park that is rated as masterpiece of gardening art in land of China. It is a famous tourist place with huge historical significance. Temple of Earth, Temple of Moon and Temple of Sun are famous temples that are located in western and eastern China respectively.

Other popular temples are Miaoying temple, Wanshou temple, Tanzhe temple, Fayuan temple, Big Bell temple, and more. There is an ancient mosque named Niujie Mosque that has a big history of more than thousand years. Well preserved stone pagodas are another specialties.

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