Experience Hongshan Culture in Chifeng

8/26/2014 Ada Tours Chifeng 2009
Chifeng is a regular city in southeastern Inner Mongolia, however, considering its precious travel resources, it’s also a valued city. Besides stunning natural scenery, Chifeng was also the political, economic and cultural center of the Liao Dynasty, therefore, the amount of ruins and relics of the Liao Dynasty in Chifeng is ranked the most important in China.

Hongshan Culture is credited with remarkable achievements in architecture, pottery-making, jade-carving and pottery sculptures which are at higher levels than those of Xinglongwa Culture and Zhaobaogou Culture. The duet of square pottery molds unearthed at the relics of a house of Hongshan Culture at Xitai, Aohan Banner,whichis the earliest mold for metal casting, shows that the early people of Hongshan Culture had mastered the technology of bronze casting.

According to archeology studies, human existence in the Chifeng area can be traced back almost ten thousand years, and the cultural history can be traced back nearly eight thousand years. The representative ruins and relics of Hongshan Culture, Grassland Bronze Culture, Qindan Nationality-Liao Culture and Mongolian-Yuan Culture have been discovered in Chifeng.

The ruins of an ancient village, named Xinglonggou, are regarded as “the first village of China” by historians. The biggest jade dragon unearthed in the area is known as “the first dragon of China”. The discovery of ruins and relics of ancient cultures have come from more than 6,800 sites.

Gongger Grassland is a place where the fascinating Mongolian nomadic culture can be seen against a backdrop of beautiful natural landscapes. It is also the nearest Mongolian grassland to Beijing, which integrates the beautiful natural landscape and the fascinating Mongolian folkway very well. The grassland is located in Keshiketeng Banner, boasting one of the world's two remaining stands of Korean spruce wood, which is reputed as a 'living fossil'. The Gongger grassland is a perfect place to watch the beautiful sunrise.

On the grassland, the weather is good and the natural landscape is fascinating. With thriving grass and abundant water, the green of the grassland reaches out as far as your eyes can see. Colorful wild flowers and flocks of sheep that look just like masses of cloud make the scene absolutely beautiful.

Arshihaty Stone Forest is a UNESCO Global Geopark in Hexigten Banner. The stone forest is classified as a geo-park, where quaternary glacial relics have been carved by the wind and sand over millions of years. It lies at the convergence of several geographic regions: the Greater Khingan Mountains to the east, the Yan Mountains to the south, and the Hunshandake Sandland to the southwest.

The collision belt of the North China Platform and the Xingmeng Geosyncline also runs through Hexigten. The eight park areas are scattered throughout the area, sampling glacial, volcanic, desert, and hydrological land forms of scenic beauty and geological significance. Altogether, the park covers 1,750 km2 out of Hexigten Banner's total area of 20,673 km2. Like an ancient castle, the stone forest is set in the vast grassland backing onto spacious a birch forest.

What’s more, other scenic spots like Bokelong Desert Tourist Zone, Dari Lake, Longquan Temple are also open to the public. If you are interested in the city, feel it by traveling.
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