Enjoy the Attractive Dalu Island

9/27/2014 Young Sights Zhejiang 1486
Dalu Island is the national AAAA beauty spot. The individual isolated Dalu Island is situated at the East China Sea with a vast expanse of misty and rolling waters. It's green with vegetation in season and out of season. Both the mountainous and sea sceneries are excellent, as of the brilliant emerald with the vast expanses of water.

A legend passed down by generations says that there's one holy deer in heaven, it fallen down into the East China Sea because the deer stolen the manna dew and scattered over the world, and later turned into the lumpy lonely island. Hence the name Dalu Island, which is made up of Dalu mountain and Xiaolu mountain that lined up on opposite banks of the river.

In total, Dalu Island accounts for an area of some 1.75 square kilometers. Dalu Island is a wettish area of confienental subtropical monsoon with nice and mild climate, plenty of rainfall and four clear-cut seasons. Comparing with the area and island with the same latitude, Dalu Island in the summer seemed to be very cool, far from the mainland, without pollution sources, with very abundant glutamate contents in the fresh and sweet air.

The present's Dalu Island is covered all over by green leafy trees, clothed with rich and varied vegetation. These densely-grown and shadowy woods could blot out the sky and covers the sun with luxuriant foliage. There're different kinds of tree species including economic forest, timber production forest, ornamental plantation as well as the island protection forest, which had formed the evergreen and broad leaf forests zone that would therefore predominate in the Casuarina equisetifolia.

Among which the especially valuable is the branch of American Sequoia that was sent to our country by US President Nixon on his first visit to China in 1972. This area was covered by many live plants with over 380 kinds, with forest coverage reaching 87.5%. Dalu Island had become the sea island with the best forest and the most abundant plants all across the province.

Dalu Island had been approved by the Ministry of Forestry in 1991, and had been designated as a provincial-level forest park. It’s blessed with numerous fantastically beautiful mountains and forests, dangerous peaks and high rocks as well as the colorful cave art. Lu Mountain's charm lies especially in its forest on the sea, fantastic rocks and picturesque stones, the rocks art which are three supreme sights on the mountain.

"Buddhist Saint watching the tides" also known as Buddhist Saint Rock at the southern tip of the island turned out to have been a wonder of the world. The rocks here had been cut into the chimney arrangement because of the erosion of waves all over the year, as of thousands of Buddhist Saints were doing bore-watching. Whatever sunny or rainy, the beauty spot is always roaring day and night. The dashing sound of billows shakes the ears. White anarchy of waves on each side of the rocks was like a huge dragon churning the huge waves. 
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