China's Hunting Field for a Safari Tour at this Winter

1/22/2014 Selina Ou Activities China 19414
A safari tour, as adventurous and exciting it is, has become more and more popular in China. And a safari tour is hotter in winter as wild animals may become weaker at this cold season as a result of the difficulties to find food. Safari tour firstly came out as hunting animals, but today it has become a kind of outdoor tour themed at outdoor observation. So for a special safari tour this winter, you should know where to hunt this winter. Now let's check out those hunting ground in China.


No. 1 Heilongjian Taoshan International Hunting Field

Heilongjian Taoshan International Hunting Field is the first international hunting field for wild animals. It is located in Taoshan Village, Tieli County. This hunting field situates in a mountain areas belonging to Lesser Khingan Mountains. It covers a land area of 100,000 hectares with 90% forest coverage. Within this field, there are about 50 varieties of beasts and 250 kinds of birds. Taoshan International Hunting Field has an average elevation of 400 meters above the sea level with the highest point of 1,400 meters. Every year from September to April of the next year is hunting period.

Destination: Taoshan International Hunting Field
Location: 14 kilometers southeast Taoshan Forestry Bureau, Taoshan Village, Tieli County, Yichun City, Heilongjiang Province
Hunting season: late September to the next April
Accommodation: recommend to stay in Tieli County
Transportation: Driving from Tieli County
Related tourism city: Harbin

No. 2 Oriental International Hunting Field

Oriental International Hunting Field lies in Taiyue Mountain National Park of Shanxi Province, in the intersection region of Qinyuan, Guxian and Huozhou Counties. This hunting field is divided into 7 hunting areas with an area of 200 square kilometers. At this field, there inhabit animals like leopard, sika deer, boar, Mongolian gazelle and other animals up to 300 kinds.

Destination: Oriental International Hunting Field
Location: Taiyue Mountain National Park, Linfen City, Shanxi Province
Accommodation: recommend to stay in downtown Linfen
Related tourism city: Taiyuan

No. 3 Dulan Hunting Filed and Balong Hunting Filed, Huangheyuan Hunting Filed

Dulan Hunting Field from Dulan County, Haixi Prefecture, is the first hunting field from Qinghai Province open up to hunting. There are snow leopards, snow cocks, argali, foxes, stone cocks and many other animals living there. Balong Hunting Field is about 550 kilometers away form Xining, the provincial capital of Qinghai province.

Destination: Dulan International Hunting Field
Location: Dulan County, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province
Hunting season: late September to the next April
Transportation: by bus from Cahan Wusu Town
Related tourism city: Lanzhou, Xining

No. 4 Wugaishan Hunting Field

Wugaishan Hunting Field is located in southern China. It is situated 45 kilometers southeast from Chenzhou City of Hunan Province in the main peak of Wuling Mountains with a 78% of forest coverage. At this field, there are about 130 kinds of wild animals, among which boars, red deer and lepus sinensis are suitable for hunting.

Destination: Wugaishan International Hunting Field
Location: 45 kilometers southeast Chenzhou City, Hunan Province
Entrance fee: CNY10
Related tourism city: Guilin, Changsha, Shaoguan

No.5 Kangba Hunting Field, Western Sichuan Hunting Field

Western Sichuan Hunting Field is situated in Yongfu Township, Baoxing Conty, Sichuan Province. It has a larger area of 330 square kilometers. Kangba Hunting Field is located in Ganzi Prefecture in Sichuan Province with 190 square kilometers.

No.6 Altun Mountains International Hunting Field

Altun Mountains International Hunting Field is located in the north of Altun Mountains with an average elevation of 3,000 above sea level. There are chiru, wild yak, Tibetan snow cocks and many other wild animals in the hunting field, among which argali is the most commonly hunted animal.

Destination: Altun Mountains International Hunting Field
Location: north of Altun Mountains, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
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