Charming Nightscape at Pearl River

3/3/2014 Young Sights Guangzhou 3059
As is well known, the Pearl River which is the largest river in southern China has emerged as the China's third largest river; it's outranked only by the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. And then it started to become popular both in China and abroad in the early years of this century. It enjoys a high reputation and a large following. It‘s said that the Pearl River's flow into the sea is only second to that of the Yangtze.

No one can say with certainty how many men of letters in history have been to this beautiful Pearl River to enjoy the charming scenery and the seclusion it provides. The entire length of the main trunk and branches is about 11,000 kilometers. The "Pearl River Romantic Cruise" has become one of China's most popular tourist destinations, attracting numerous tourists from both home and abroad with its unique natural views and places of cultural interest. The Pearl River is very well-known, especially at night, what a marvelous scene it is on the river! A growing number of people prefer to take a romantic cruise on a luxury yacht along the waters of the Pearl River by its reputation.

We're treated to the unusual sight of Pearl River at evening. The distribution among the little green tree, water spray, and the quiet river boats, my friends and me on board vessels on the road, heart-to-heart to admire the view, carving vivid life, artistically composed of a lively night Pearl River map. It's one of the most impressive tours which offers one of the most charming sights. On all sides, wherever the eye turned, nothing met it by the mirror like surface of the river, the placid view of heaven, and the dense setting of woods. The best of the stunning scene linger hauntingly in the mind and heart. We were looking to see, and had not eyes enough for all there was to see.

According to historical records, 94.5% of the great Pearl River reaches are mountainous regions and little hills. With time elapsing, eroded by surface water and ground water over a period of time, those lime rocks gradually form the karst topography in various kinds of astonishing looks. Lots of China's brand landscapes, like the Stone Forest in Yunnan, are also built on karst formations. It is the magic weapon of nature that not only leaves endless imagination to people, but also records precious information related to the origins of the Pearl River.

The natural scenery and the rich ethnic folklore along the Pearl River in Guangzhou are of extremely high ornamental and tourist value. It's an appealing golden travel line with striking and picturesque scenery. Pearl River with its lots of stunning scenic sights has since ancient times attracted a great number of sightseers. As the people said, "It would be a great pity if one visits Guangzhou but does not go sightseeing at the Pearl River." The famous historical spots along its banks are especially plentiful like Shameen architectural complex that gathers the styles of many ancient buildings from around the world; you could drink in the beauty of the landscape while deepening your insight.
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