Appealing Emerald Valley Scenic Spot

8/23/2014 Young Sights Chongqing 1931
The Emerald Valley tourist attraction of Miao Gorge in Wuxi County is the most strangely wonderful valley of the Daning River scenery, extending for over 22km from Miaoxi River in the south to Malian stream in the north. The two lofty and rugged Lantau peaks are remarkable and outstanding. The inviting prospect of carps jumping over the Dragon Gate had been portrayed with deft precision.

From this, we can have some idea of the spectacular grandeur of the scenery at the Emerald Valley. Emerald Valley scenic spot with three unique scenic features is stone pall, the Ancient Plank Road and the white dragon across the river. Here you could see the blue water, secluded gorge, picturesque cragged peaks and the unique waterfall.

The scenic area ranks first in the whole seven gorges the Daning River since ancient times. There's lush and verdant vegetation, apes romping about in the water and mandarin ducks playing in the water-love-making. The Ancient Plank Road is faintly visible, delusive and illusive. Emerald Valley scenery zone is a large scenic tourist area of Chongqing tourism where natural mountains and waters landscape have been unitized.

The famous waterfall called as the white dragon across the river is like the vigorous white dragon. The bumping stones could fly over the Daning River with nearly 100 meters wide, broad and turbulent, making a site of spectacular grandeur, which has since ancient times was considered a spectacular sight. It ranks forefront famous waterfalls among at national level.

The stone pall also known as the precarious hanging coffin is located in the Stone pall group of Jinzhu Gorge. The hanging coffins complex is the most highly centralized and best preserved one in the whole country. Many experts come to study the hanging coffins and considered that they were abridged between this world and the next, a stepping stone between the living and the dead.

Most of visitors view the magic scenery and would suddenly think: Why is the death insisted burial, funeral Cliff multi okay, not an inch of land in the state, and it also enabled graves preserved intact. Some related experts had been studying the hanging coffins mystery for many years, and some of them believed it came about partly for practical reasons and partly through spiritual belief.

The Ancient Plank Road in the Daning River is surrounded by the high mountains, crisscrossed in a dense network, extended a distance of several thousand kilometers. The cause of building the Ancient Plank Road is a questions mark dangling your mind. The pearl curtain of the white dragon across the river could look best when it cleared up soon after the rain. The white lip of a wave is very facile and graceful.

The Yuntai Temple also known as the Yuntai Mosque was set up in Emperor Yang in the Sui Dynasty, composed by the 5,673 stone staircases. The cultural sights and valley landscape here are perfectly presented to the tourists as they once were. Emerald Valley scenic spot had always been, and for the most obvious reasons, a place to visit. 
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