A Journey of Cultural Enlightenment in Xian – Part 3

10/19/2012 Clark Tours Xian 5579
Continue and the last of our Xian Tour..

Shuyuan Gate - experience the ancient charm

Shuyuan Gate Ancient Culture Street is not far from the Drum Tower. There is an ancient and tall archway in the west corner of the street, with two eye - catching couplets on both side the archway. The sides of the street are the shops selling selling ink, paper and ink, as well as paintings and calligraphy works, rich of cultural atmosphere, visitors can appreciate a different urban landscape from other places in the Xi'an city.
Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuan Gate

Shuyuan Gate

This Guanzhong Shuyuan was one of the leading academies in ancient China and the highest institution of Shaanxi Province in Ming and Qing Dynasty.
Shuyuan Gate

We had a very keen interest in the ink, paper, ink, seals, seal carving and antique trinkets.
Shuyuan Gate

Went inside is the famous stele forest, but we had no time, because we had to rush to see the superb performance, as well as the non-material cultural heritage - shadow play in the Drum Tower.

Intangible Cultural Heritage - eternal farewell shadow play

Shadow play, also known as shadow puppetry, is an ancient form of storytelling and entertainment which uses flat articulated figures (shadow puppets) to create the impression of moving humans and other three-dimensional objects. It originated during the Western Han Dynasty in Shaanxi, but now it faces the doom of the lost due to the complex process, making difficult, opera accents make it difficult for the modern people to accept.
shadow play

The show was performed in a small hotel. This man is the boss as well as the main actors of show, who greeted us warmly and explained while performing.

The show we saw that day is a happy story about a peddler and a girl has betrothal with each other, but never met each other, so the peddler goes to sell groceries in the front of the house of the girl, in order to peek at the wife-to-be. To his delight, the girl is very beautiful and smart to be a good wife.
shadow play 

Look, the peddler came to the stage with his carrying pole, and selling groceries outside the house of the girl, but nobody responds to him, so he sit on the carrying pole and wait the girl. Because there is nothing to do, he tilted his legs and starts to smoke. It looked so funny, and we were amused laugh.
shadow play 

Then the heroine made a show. She didn’t know the man is her fiancé and bargain with him.
shadow play 

The end of the show
shadow play 

I noticed that there is new generation of shadow play works on the wall. They tried their best to do all kinds of attempts to try to protect and maintain this ancient craft so that it will not be lost.
shadow play

Xi'an customs in the Drum Tower Hui Street

After watching the shadow play, we strolled to famous Drum Tower Hui Street, the most prosperous area of Xi'an city, and is the good place to experience Xi'an customs.

Mouth watering Xi'an snacks

The famous Jia’s Baozi

sweet and delicious candy Sydney
candy Sydney

candy Sydney  

sour soup noodles
sour soup noodles 

Roasted Nang, bigger than the face
Roasted Nang 

The lamb shashlik, very delicious
 lamb shashlik 

Hair-thin dragon's beard candy
dragon's beard candy  

Rose stuffed fried dried persimmons taste sweet, favorites by young girls
Rose stuffed fried dried persimmons  

Squeezed sweet pomegranate juice
pomegranate juice 

Crystal persimmon
Crystal persimmon 

fried sweet potatoes, sweet and crisp
fried sweet potatoes 

Good business, the boss kept urging the man a little quick

Hui customs - Hui inhabited by about 30 million Hui people, rich in Muslim culture and atmosphere and form a specific landscape for Xian.

A Muslim grandfather with a small white hat nap in front of the home
Drum Tower Hui Street

Shaanxi characteristics Tigers cap and tigers shoes are placed in front of thehouse to sell
Drum Tower Hui Street 

Features Shadowgraph
Drum Tower Hui Street 

The grandmother walked into the yard.
Drum Tower Hui Street 

The gentle beauty Hui woman adds a lot of beautiful scenery for the whole street.
Drum Tower Hui Street

Drum Tower Hui Street

Drum Tower Hui Street   

The first time to see so many people queuing up to buy meat
Drum Tower Hui Street 

The mosque was hundreds of years ago, the people living in the street walk in the historical monuments. Strolled out, the end of our perfect journey 

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