A Bite of Silk Road Part 2 - Xinjiang Food

5/29/2014 Selina Ou Food Urumqi 5400

Xinjiang Food


Nang is a kind of flat bread that is eaten every day. Nang is baked in a special oven with the ingredients of wheat flour, corn flour or sorghum and seasonings like sesame seeds, onions, eggs, vegetable oil, butter, milk, salt and sugar. Nang is quite fragrant, crispy and delicious.


Big Plate Chicken

Big Plate Chicken is a unique dish in Xinjiang. Chicken stewed with potatoes, chili and noodles, the big plate chicken is a plate of flavorful and colorful ingredients. It is always served with a large amount. The chicken is a little spicy but very tasty, potato is sweet and fragrant, noodles are chewy, and a dish of big plate chicken always gets you satisfied.


Roasted Stuffed Buns
Roasted Stuffed Buns is another kind of popular food at local Xinjiang and it is the must-eat at festivals and weddings. The bun has a layer of thin even transparent flour skin to stuff chopped mutton, beef and sheep-tail fat. Chopped onions, salt and cumin are added into the stuff. Then the bun is roasted in the oven until it is fully roasted to get a golden yummy color. The exterior of the bun is golden and quite crispy, but you will get to the juicy and savory inside stuffing after a bite.


Roasted Mutton Chops
When mentioning Xinjiang food, mutton should always be the leading character. As mutton is always welcomed by many people, the taste of roasted mutton chops mainly decides on the seasonings added during roasting. Roasted mutton chops is a dish with great color, tempting fragrant, toothsome taste and fresh savor. Though it is made to be yellowish burnt on the outside, the mutton is quite tender inside. Though it is dried and crispy, it never gets greasy.Roasted Mutton Chops is just a classic dish from the mutton category, other hot dishes like mutton kebabs, crispy sheep leg, garlic mutton, roasted whole lamb, mutton and pilau rice, and so many other mutton-characterized dishes are popular among locals and tourists.


Turpan Grapes, Hami melon and Hetian jujube
Grapes produced in Xinjiang Turpand, Hami melon from Hami and Turpan Basin, jujube from Hetian, all these Xinjiang specialties have gained wide reputation in China. If travel to Xinjiang, you can get a full enjoyment.


The Xi’an food, Lanzhou food and Xinjiang food mentioned above are only a small part of the delicious food along Silk Road. The Silk Road has infinite to discover. If the stunning natural scenery and inspiring historical and cultural relics could not make you stop, the exotic culture and customs may get you surprised and satisfied. Or, those tasty Silk Road foods would add more delights to your Silk Road tour.


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