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Chinese Noodles 101: a guide to different types of noodles

Chinese Noodles 101: a guide to different types of...


If you’ve been to an Asian supermarket or have been lucky enough to travel around the region, you would have noticed the great variety of noodles, and how they’re prepared depending on the area, you’re in. The oldest noodle ever found was in a 4000-year old bowl in China, and its versatility has ensured that it’s still one of the most popular forms of carbohydrates that we’d l...
Shenzhen's Hidden Gourmet Gems

Shenzhen's Hidden Gourmet Gems


Few know what a foodie mecca Shenzhen is fast becoming . But when you consider its location and history the ingredients of this southern stew become apparent. Firstly, Shenzhen is in Guangdong, sandwiched between Guangzhou where Chinese people historically “go to eat” and Hong Kong, an international dining city par excellence . Secondly, Shenzhen is an immigrant town. Migrants...
Take a Real Food Adventure in Top Cities of China (Part 1)

Take a Real Food Adventure in Top Cities of China ...


Explore some of the best places to eat in China’s most popular cities and try the delicious traditional gourmet that ranges from imperial cuisine to Michelin Guide recommended. Add some gastronomy highlights to your tour of China to make your travels all the more interesting! Beijing You can literally feast like the Emperors' of the Qing Dynasty at Beijing’s famous imper...
Autumn Delicacy -- Chinese Hairy Crab

Autumn Delicacy -- Chinese Hairy Crab

Ying CFoodSuzhou170

The Chinese Hairy Crab, also known as the mitten crab, is a medium-sized crab that is named for its furry claws, which resemble mittens. They are generally found by rivers and coastal habitats of eastern China. You may wonder why the locals go crazy about the meatless crustacean with a high price, yet it is the crab roe that is much sought after. People who ever tasted th...
Chinese Alcohol Brands to Try

Chinese Alcohol Brands to Try

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What do you have in common with the sophisticated man from the Imperial courts of China or a Tang dynasty poet? Perhaps, it’s your love of a fine alcoholic drink. Li Bai , one of China’s most beloved poets in the 8 th century, was a well- known drunkard who is said to write his best when he’s tipsy. In modern-day China, alcohol is a very effective social lubricant, and drinki...
Hong Kong Snacks you need to try

Hong Kong Snacks you need to try

TildaFoodHong Kong219

There are foodies who’d find no lack of recommendations on what they should be chowing down on in Hong Kong. But then there are those who don’t just love their main meals and desserts. We know that there are snackophiles whose travel agenda includes a trip to the supermarket to load up on local snacks.If you identify as one or know of a friend back home who’s more than happy ...
Where to get the best Pizza in Shenzhen!

Where to get the best Pizza in Shenzhen!


What is life without pizza? Flatbread, tomato sauce, cheese and toppings all lovingly baked together, yum! The modern variant was invented in the Italian city of Naples. Indeed, Neapolitan pizza is safeguarded in the European Union as a “Traditional Speciality Guaranteed” dish. But while Italians do it best, the rest are catching-up with regional variants on traditional pizza....
Shenzhen Café

Shenzhen Café


Café culture is, of course, a Western import. But the Chinese have taken to the idea with abandon over the last decade or so. Nowadays cafes with Chinese characteristics can be found nationwide and nowhere more so than Shenzhen . Typically cafés in Shenzhen are where East meets West, usually in the form of a coffee shop cum teahouse. Sometimes the décor leans to Europe, at ...
Tea Time in Hong Kong

Tea Time in Hong Kong

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Well before coffee became the officially acceptable and cool addiction to have, tea was the hot beverage of choice in Hong Kong. The humble drink was said to have been discovered by accident thousands of years ago when the Chinese emperor Shen Nong had some leaves from a tree fall into his hot drinking water. Tea, with its myriad of flavors, can be calming, invigorating, sooth...
Best places to eat France Food in Hong Kong - Franco Hong Kong

Best places to eat France Food in Hong Kong - Fran...

ThomasIronmonkFoodHong Kong564

If Hong Kong is synonymous with any two peoples, it’s the native Chinese and the British who ruled it as a crown colony from 1841 until 1997. The British imprint is everywhere, from the English language to pubs, from the architecture of government house to the financial and legal systems that still distinguish Hong Kong from Mainland China under the "one country two syst...