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Witness World’s Largest Water Extravaganza - The House of Dancing Water

Witness World’s Largest Water Extravaganza - The H...

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Having heard so much about the show, we booked a package including two tickets of the House of Dancing Water as a Christmas gift, with round trip Turbojet tickets departed from Hong Kong. The show is set in the 2000-seat Dancing Water Theater designed by Pei Partnership Architects; the theater is part of the City of Dreams integrated entertainment resort in Macau. To get t...
Beijing Dragon in the Sky Shadow Puppet Playhouse

Beijing Dragon in the Sky Shadow Puppet Playhouse


The fascinating art of shadow puppetry has always been a cultural heritage of China. The captivating performance that is accompanied with extraordinary music and vividly colored puppets provides an audience with lively entertainment. Shadow puppetry differs from traditional puppetry in many ways and perhaps it is its unique theatrical form and regional variations that it conti...
Enchanting Performance of  Impression of Liu Sanjie in Yangshuo

Enchanting Performance of Impression of Liu Sanji...


The fabulous outdoor night show “Impression of Liu Sanjie” takes place every evening in Yangshuo , which is 60 kilometers from Guilin. The sensational show has 12 karst peaks as its backdrop and the beautiful Li River as its stage. The show is an immaculate integration of nature with performing arts. The entire show lasts for 70 minutes and requires a cast of 600 actors and ac...
The Best Live Jazz Spots in Hong Kong

The Best Live Jazz Spots in Hong Kong

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Some say that the recipe for the finest night in town is good jazz, good company, and a good drink or two. Couple that up with the fact that you’re miles away from home in an amazing city like Hong Kong, and you’ve just thrown a sprinkle of wanderlust into that beautiful jazzy cocktail. Luckily for jazz fans, there is no shortage of great live jazz music in the city. Bookmark...
Discover the Best Peking Opera in Beijing

Discover the Best Peking Opera in Beijing


Peking Opera is one of the natural treasures of China and was regarded as the most popular form of entertainment during the Qing Dynasty. In 2010 Peking Opera was enlisted as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO. The past few days with the special Peking Opera performance put on at the Forbidden City for President Trump the curiosity about one of China’s m...
Hong Kong in Five Songs

Hong Kong in Five Songs

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The territory’s unique blend of Western music styles with Chinese traditional music and Hong Kong’s home-grown notions of popular culture has produced the soundtrack to the lives of young people in East Asia for generations. The musical form generally known as Cantopop – as it is invariably performed in Cantonese – misleads, as rock, soul, folk, and opera all contribute to thi...
Shenzhen Theme Park OCT East

Shenzhen Theme Park OCT East

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If you have already visited Hong Kong Disneyland and Ocean Park yet still looking for something new to explore, Shenzhen OCT East would be a good choice. As China’s first Special Economic Zone, Shenzhen is a now one of the largest and wealthiest cities in China. It is located immediately north of Hong Kong so it’s easy to travel between these two cities. Overseas Chinese ...
Hong Kong Stars You Should Know

Hong Kong Stars You Should Know

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Hong Kong may be known as a finance center – a towering homage to global capitalism – or as a shopping and fine dining mecca. But it is also a major cultural center, producing both film and music to rival the world’s creative hubs. In fact, 5% of the territory’s economy is generated through various fields of entertainment. So when in town why not take some time to enjoy the st...
Shenzhen Bling

Shenzhen Bling


Shenzhen’s leap from manufacturing hub to consumer central has been breathtaking. Visit one year, and migrant workers crowd minibuses bound for the assembly line, a few years later, and the city is brimming with clothes designers driving BMWs to fancy malls and glitzy nightclubs. Nowhere does bling like Shenzhen. After all, it has all the ingredients to brew the perfect glam...
The Best Places to Dance Your Heart Out in Hong Kong

The Best Places to Dance Your Heart Out in Hong Ko...

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Pack your dancing shoes with you when you visit Hong Kong. In between the endless rounds of Dim Sum, sightseeing, and market trawling, you will find yourself drawn to the beats of the city, and there is no better way to express that than to dance your heart out. Whatever your style is, you will find a place where you can groove to the beat of your heart. Volar This is your pl...