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Best Golf Courses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

Best Golf Courses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen

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In many parts of Asia, golf is the defacto game of businessmen. Deals are made, and networks are formed over hours on the greens. The game was introduced a century ago, and Hong Kong is one of the first cities in Asia where golf courses sprung due to the large expatriate population. If you’re a golfer and are heading to Hong Kong and Shenzhen, you’re in luck, as these cities h...
Best Boat Rides in Hong Kong

Best Boat Rides in Hong Kong

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If there’s something one can’t help but notice about Hong Kong is the territory’s relationship to water. The jagged edged Kowloon Peninsula juts out from the Chinese Mainland to confront Hong Kong Island, Lantau Island and a further 200 islets and outcroppings, all surrounded by the deep blue sea. Hong Kong’s history up until British annexation was one of seafaring. As inland ...
Why you need to learn Taichi

Why you need to learn Taichi

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The world can sometimes feel like a topsy-turvy place to live in. Between climate change, politics, and ticking off items on the to-do list, it’s hard not to feel tugged in every direction. Thankfully, there’s a practice that the ancient Chinese have found to be highly valuable in keeping the mind-body-spirit balance that health gurus can’t stop talking about these days. It’s ...
Hong Kong Bucket List

Hong Kong Bucket List

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If choice is core to capitalist societies well you’re simply spoiled in Hong Kong . For such a small place, there’s simply so much to do. The only limitation is time. One could spend months entertained in the SAR, with its diverse geography, cosmopolitan urban culture, and world-class tourist sites. But what if you only had five days? What if you had to pick five spots to make...
Tibet Shoton Festival - A Living and Dancing Museum of Tibetan Culture

Tibet Shoton Festival - A Living and Dancing Museu...


Besides festivals, you can hardly find a better way to learn the individuality of a region, whether through food, music sports or any other forms. Shoton Festival, for example, speaks for Tibet in the best way. This grandest festival shares equal heft as Tibetan New Year. At the festival, visitors can expect an exploration beyond turquoise lakes and snow-capped mountains - ...
Hong Kong for Cyclists - Best places to cycle in Hong Kong

Hong Kong for Cyclists - Best places to cycle in H...

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Hong Kong isn’t the best place to cycle as a commuter, but for cyclists who can’t stay away from their eco two-wheelers, it offers cycling routes that are challenging and hilly, or breezy and easy. Urban cycling is well and alive too, though the infrastructure isn’t quite the same as Copenhagen, bike-sharing services such as Gobee.bike make bike renting as easy as downloading ...
Hari Raya Celebrations in Malaysia

Hari Raya Celebrations in Malaysia


The biggest religious festival in Malaysia is Eid-ul Fitri, or known as Hari Raya in Malaysia. In Malay, Hari Raya means 'Celebration Day.' Hari Raya marks the end of the very auspicious month-long Ramadan, which is the month of fasting. Syawal is a month of victory and success for Muslims after a month of fasting and the spirit of Hari Raya is celebrated throughout th...
Best Free Things To Do in Hong Kong

Best Free Things To Do in Hong Kong

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Hong Kong isn’t exactly the cheapest destination, and you’d quickly realize that the moment you book your accommodation. However, it certainly isn’t impossible to enjoy the city on a budget, and in fact, you can even say that the best experiences of the city can be done for free. Wondering what they are? Get these down in your itinerary and save your money for the fancy roofto...
Where to Peace out with Yoga in Hong Kong

Where to Peace out with Yoga in Hong Kong

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Does it come as a surprise that one of the most frantic cities in the world would have so many excellent yoga studios? If you’re a yoga practitioner who doesn’t let up on practice just because you’re traveling, then Hong Kong surely wouldn’t disappoint. Whether it’s your into traditional, Hot, Yin, Vinyasa, Aerial, or whatever the trend is right now, you’ll find a class that’s...
Cooling Off in Hong Kong - Best Pools and Beaches!

Cooling Off in Hong Kong - Best Pools and Beaches!...

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Hong Kong ’s subtropical locality means one thing, namely, a lot of hot. That’s right, eight months of the year it’s shorts and t-shirt weather in the SAR and for six months during the summer high humidity can make getting around sticky business. Indeed, July and August see average temperatures of 35 degrees exacerbated by 90 plus per cent atmospheric moisture. That’s a verita...